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Those who have fallen victim to the predatory practices of a company, landlord, or other business entity should strongly consider hiring a competent Queens, New York consumer lawyer who will not stop until they have exhausted every means of holding the defendant accountable for their wrongdoing. Contact Rahman Legal today if you would like to learn more about the consumer protection process in New York as well as how our legal team can help you.

Consumer Lawyer | Serving Clients in Queens, New York

When you go up against companies, landlords, and other powerful entities, you need a skilled Queens, New York consumer lawyer to even the odds. Considering the financial and other resources they may have available, you need a legal professional who has more than a decade of experience holding such entities accountable for their misconduct. The legal team at Rahman Legal has litigated consumer law cases at all levels of the civil court system.

The Consumer Law Services Available at Rahman Legal

If companies or other entities have preyed upon you for some time, you might not be aware that you do, in fact, have rights. In the years Rahman Legal has been in operation, our Queens, New York consumer lawyer has litigated claims arising under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and many other laws enacted to protect consumers like you. It is with that in mind that we proudly provide legal representation in the following areas:

Why is Rahman Legal the Right Choice?

If a company or other entity has engaged in harassment, deceptive practices, false credit reporting, fraud, racketeering or any other form of unlawful conduct, our Queens, New York consumer lawyer will fight to uphold your rights and obtain the compensation you deserve and need in order to recover from this difficult situation. No defendant will ever admit to wrongdoing and willingly pay you what you may be entitled to, which is why you need the services of the aggressive legal team at Rahman Legal.

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Whether your issue pertains to a bill, a collection letter, a series of unwanted telephone calls, or any other form of misconduct, you need a dedicated lawyer to make it stop. Contact Rahman Legal today to schedule your consultation.

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