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There are few things more devastating than finding out your identity has been stolen. Whether someone has your Social Security number or has made unauthorized purchases or withdrawals with your credit or debit card, you need to take action fast. We are here to help. Contact a seasoned New York City identity theft victim lawyer from Rahman Legal today to explore your options and learn more about how we can assist you through each step of the process ahead.

Identity Theft Victim Lawyer | Here for Clients throughout the Five Boroughs

Once your identity has been stolen, it may feel as though the whole of your existence is entirely vulnerable to outside threats. Though it may seem overwhelming now, just know that it’s always darkest before the dawn, and with a knowledgeable New York consumer lawyer in your corner, there is a way out. Don’t panic; just get in touch with someone who can effectively guide you to a brighter future.

Our Identity Theft Services

Rahman Legal proudly handles a wide range of cases involving identity theft on behalf of our clients. Just some of those cases are as follows:

  • Domestic Identity Theft: Though your significant other is supposed to be the number one person in your life, some people will actually take advantage of their partners financially. For example, if your spouse took your credit card and maxed it out, you may very well be a victim of domestic identity theft. Our firm is here to help hold them accountable and get your money back.
  • Digital Signature Fraud: Your digital signature is very valuable, and if you’ve recently had it stolen and used to sign off on certain documents, you need a legal team who can track the person down and get the results you need.
  • Senior Identity Theft: Unfortunately, many of the elder members of our community are more prone to having their identities stolen than others. If you or a loved one had your identity stolen, you can turn to us to fight for you.
  • Unauthorized ATM Charges: Don’t make the mistake of letting an unauthorized ATM charge go uninvestigated. If you noticed an unauthorized ATM transaction, a seasoned NYC identity theft victim lawyer from our firm is ready to help you through the process ahead.
  • Unauthorized Bank Transfers: Discovering an unauthorized bank transfer is frustrating. Working with banks to remedy the issue can, unfortunately, be even more frustrating. Our legal team is here to handle the heavy lifting to get your financial situation back on track.
  • Unauthorized Credit Card Transactions: If you recently checked your credit card statement and noticed charges on purchases that you never made, you don’t have to panic, but you do need to act fast. Our firm can help you handle any disputed charge you may have with your credit card company. If they refuse to comply, we may even have grounds to bring a lawsuit against them.

Preventing Identity Theft

Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to prevent identity theft from occurring altogether. Just some of the best ways to prevent identity theft are as follows:

  • Use different passwords for all of your online accounts. You can keep a record of these passwords somewhere secure–such as a locked safe.
  • Don’t carry your Social Security card unless you absolutely have to.
  • Always pick up your mail on the same day.
  • Shred all paperwork containing personal information that you no longer need.
  • Don’t use a debit card for online purchases.
  • Never click links in emails from people whom you do not know.
  • Never share personal information over the phone or on the internet unless you’re speaking with someone you know and/or trust and you initiated the conversation.
  • Check your credit statement every month for fraudulent or unauthorized purchases.
  • Always look behind you when at ATMs to ensure no one is looking over your shoulder for your password and/or other personal information.
  • Stay up-to-date on all the latest phishing scams.
  • Don’t answer phone numbers you don’t recognize and understand federal agencies, such as the IRS, never call people–-any call purporting to be from the IRS is a scam.
  • Review each of your three credit reports at least once per year.

Unfortunately, even those who take every step to protect themselves are still vulnerable, to an extent, and may be made victims of identity theft regardless. That said, having the right legal team in your corner can make a world of difference.

How We Can Help

Rahman Legal has years of experience representing victims of identity theft throughout New York City. We have a firm grasp of the state and federal laws protecting consumers, and we are prepared to put that knowledge to work for you in your case. As previously mentioned, virtually anyone can have their identity stolen, but the choices you make, such as the attorney you choose, can drastically impact the outcome of your case. Rahman Legal is a staunch defender of victims of identity theft, and we will do everything in our power to get your privacy and life back.

Contact an Identity Theft Victim Lawyer from Rahman Legal

The bottom line is that if you are a victim of identity theft, the most important thing you can do is seek out competent legal counsel who can fight, tooth and nail, for the outcome you deserve. Contact Rahman Legal today to schedule your initial consultation with our compassionate and highly skilled consumer law firm.

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