New York Unauthorized Bank Transfers Lawyer

There is nothing worse than discovering that your finances have been compromised by a malicious outside party. There is a wide range of ways in which hackers and other criminals can break into our accounts and withdraw funds or make any other unauthorized bank transaction, such as a bank transfer. That said, if you find yourself in this situation, you’re in the right place. A seasoned New York unauthorized bank transfers lawyer from our legal team is here to help. Contact Rahman Legal today to schedule your initial consultation with our firm.

Unauthorized Bank Transfers Lawyer | Here to Protect Your Finances

We understand that, upon discovering an unauthorized bank transfer, you may be overwhelmed and unsure of where to turn. Our legal team is here to help. If you need a seasoned New York identity theft victim lawyer in your corner, look no further than Rahman Legal to provide you with the competent representation you deserve.

What Should I Do After Discovering an Unauthorized Bank Transfer?

The moment you realize that your bank account has been compromised in some way, it’s imperative that you speak with your bank and notify them of the fraudulent activity. Understand that your bank is regulated by the federal Electronic Funds Transfer Act, which means that if your bank refuses to reimburse you for the fraudulent activity (such as a breach of your online bank account, or being double-charged for a purchase), you may have a path to pursue a civil claim against your bank. In this claim, we can seek both statutory damages and actual damages. A winning claim should also cover the cost of your attorney’s fees.

Don’t make the mistake of taking a civil action against your bank without an experienced attorney on your side. We know the ins and outs of the law and the tactics banks often use to dispute these claims, and we’re here to put that knowledge to work for you.

Contact an Unauthorized Bank Transfers Lawyer Today

We understand that an unauthorized bank transfer, or any other type of fraudulent activity involving your bank account, can be a devastating experience, particularly when the activity occurred as a result of someone hacking into your private bank account. That said, we are here to provide all our clients with the effective legal services you deserve. Contact Rahman Legal today to schedule your initial consultation with our competent and highly skilled consumer law firm.

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