Debt Collection Harassment is Illegal

Debt collection harassment is illegal in New York. Individuals have the right to be free from unscrupulous process servers and law-breaking debt collectors. Ramen Legal offers help to those facing harassment from debt collectors, including various types of debt like credit card and medical debt. Harassing tactics include failure to properly identify themselves, making false […]
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Debt Collection Harassment is Illegal in New York

Debt collection harassment is against the law in New York. Individuals are protected from aggressive tactics by process servers and debt collectors. Ramen Legal offers assistance for those facing harassment from debt collectors. Harassing tactics include failure to properly identify, false claims, abusive language, threats, and continuous calls. Ramen Legal can provide help for various […]
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Can a Law Firm be Considered a Debt Collector?

Key topics covered in this video Creditors use law firms for debt collection alongside collection companies. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) outlines when a law firm can be considered a debt collector. Regular engagement in debt collection practices classifies a law firm as a debt collector. Consumer rights against law firms as debt […]
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What Resources are Available for Consumer Protection Information?

Consumer protection resources beyond lawyers Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) information: Fair Debt Collection Practices Act details Fair Credit Reporting Act information Q&A sessions and instructional videos available Complaints database for company evaluation Local Consumer Affairs Unit’s valuable information Federal Trade Commission (FTC) aid in identity theft matters Website offers dispute forms for identity theft […]
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What Should I Do If I Get A Phone Call From a Debt Collector?

Debt collector conduct concerns: Clients often report aggressive and pressuring tactics used by debt collectors to gain an advantage. Aggressive phone calls: Consumers describe unexpected and aggressive calls during lunch, where collectors push their buttons with aggressive speech. Handling aggressive calls: Best response is to politely ask for a callback or take time to calm […]
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Does a Tenant Have Rights Under Consumer Law?

Tenants have rights under consumer law, particularly in situations involving rent collection. Landlords hiring law firms or debt collection companies for back rent triggers tenant rights under consumer law. Consumer rights, like those in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, apply to rent collection scenarios. Tenants can dispute the debt, request validation, be treated fairly, […]
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