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If you have been subjected to harassment, deceptive practices, false credit reporting, fraud, racketeering or any other form of unlawful conduct at the hands of a company, landlord or debt collector, you should avail yourself of the services of an experienced Bronx, New York consumer lawyer. Contact Rahman Legal today to learn more about pursuing compensation.

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Our Bronx, New York consumer lawyer will employ every means at his or her disposal to bring your case to a favorable outcome, whether it pertains to a bill, a collection letter or a series of unwanted telephone calls. The Fair Debt Collection Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act are just a few of the consumer protection laws that the legal team at Rahman Legal will rely on to litigate your claim.

The Consumer Law Services We Provide

Our Bronx, New York consumer lawyer knows that obtaining the financial compensation you are entitled to is more than just having the law on your side. It involves hard work, determination and skilled legal maneuvering. Thankfully, the legal team at Rahman Legal has the experience to navigate consumer, corporate and landlord-tenant litigation and hold defendants accountable for their wrongdoing. Rated by Super Lawyers, our firm has pursued fraud cases through all levels of the legal system. With that in mind, our legal team provides legal representation in the following areas:

What Can Rahman Legal Do for You?

Passed in 1991, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act prohibits calls or texts to a cellular phone made using an automatic dialing system, except in the case of emergency, prior express consent or the call being made to a recently-ported number. Furthermore, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act prohibits artificial or pre-recorded calls to your cellular or residential lines. If any entity has violated this act, you should engage the services of a qualified Bronx, New York consumer lawyer from Rahman Legal who will fight to hold them liable.

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We would not be doing our jobs if we did not tell you that unless you take strong, decisive action, your legal difficulties will not improve. Even when you clearly have the law on your side, companies, fraudsters and other malefactors will continue to harass you. Contact Rahman Legal for help fighting back.

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