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If you need an experienced New York consumer attorney, Rahman Legal is ready to step in and protect you. When you are being taken advantage of, you need someone in your corner. Our firm focuses on helping people with identity theft, credit reporting issues, debt collection harassment, unfair collection practices, consumer fraud, and landlord-tenant disputes. We are dedicated to serving communities, neighborhoods, and people from a wide variety of professional and cultural backgrounds. Contact us for a consultation to see what we can do to help you.

Championing Rights,
Restoring Peace

If you are getting harassed by debt collectors, if you are the victim of identity theft, if there are inaccuracies on your credit report, or if your rights as a tenant have been violated, we understand how these difficult issues can impact you. We have seen this before and our goal is to make you whole and help you get on with your life. Our experience allows us to pinpoint issues and fight for you.

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Hashim Rahman

“I believe in the principle of fairness. Consumer Law lets me fight for that principle.“

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Credit Report Disputes

A credit report can significantly impact your life. Your ability to obtain financing for a home, a vehicle, or any other type of purchase is greatly influenced by your credit report. Even when you do everything right, fraud, identity theft, and inaccurate reporting by creditors and debt collectors can affect your credit history in ways that can be devastating to your life. Many times companies will not remove inaccurate information from your credit report even after you have asked them to.

Rahman Legal has significant experience advocating for people who have been victimized by unfair credit reporting practices.

Debt Collection

If you are being contacted by debt collectors, there is no better time to connect with a New York City consumer attorney that will advocate for you and help resolve issues. Rahman Legal is dedicated to fighting against debt collection harassment and unlawful debt collection practices, and we are proud to have helped many consumers climb out of what seemed like impossible situations. Contact our firm to learn what we can do to help.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a pervasive issue in the United States. Your information is profitable, whether bought and sold on the dark web or used to open a line of credit. Our law firm works to protect your rights and mitigate the impact on your future. When you need a New York City identity theft lawyer, you can trust Rahman Legal to fight for your best interests.

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Consumer Fraud & Deception

Our firm believes in helping individuals fight against consumer fraud and deceptive practices. It is unfortunate that so many companies engage in unlawful practices that leave consumers in frustrating and difficult situations. Such practices should be stopped early so the negative impact to people can be reduced. If you believe that you have experienced fraud, deception, or anything that seems unfair and need the help of a New York consumer attorney, contact Rahman Legal to discuss your case right away.

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